Davide Marucci
About Me
Cloud Software Engineer

Born with a great passion for Software Engineering, I solve real-world problems with JavaScript


Multi-year commercial experience with the latest technologies

HTML, CSS and JavaScript (+TypeScript)

Python (2 and 3)

React, Redux (Thunk and Saga)

NodeJS – Express, Hapi, GraphQL

AWS – Lambdas, Step Functions, API Gateway, Kinesis, S3, Cloudwatch

Serverless and Terraform

DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, MongoDB and MySQL

Jest, Jasmine (Proxyquire, Chai and more)


Delivering high-quality solutions

Custom Web App Development
I leverage modern cloud technologies to build quality web solutions that bring you the business outcomes that you deserve.
Cloud Architecture Design
Recent technological advancements in microprocessor manufacturing coupled with a global shortage of talented Software Engineers has created the right environment for a lazy mindset. I design efficient, reliable and scalable cloud services.
Performance and Cost Optimisation
I’m a firm believe in efficient code, when building a new service, too often the infrastructure costs are just an afterthought.
Third Party Service Integration
Build products with faster iterations, save cost and focus on their core business.
Work Experience

Chosen by world-class organisations

Career objectives


I’m looking for new and challenging opportunities within the software development sector. Leveraging the experience acquired in more than 6 years of industry-specific experience.


I’m open to discuss permanent roles in innovative tech-first companies, making the best use of existing skills and experience while enabling further personal and professional development.